OMG My first stage review since the early days! (of my fandom.) It’s been so long~ (lol HALF A YEAR.) Whenever I look at my B3 review title and introduction, I go like …NO FUCKING WAY ;____; REALLY? THIS WAS ONLY HALF A YEAR AGO? I’ve come far. So, I’d say LOL LET’S SEE HOW THIS DIFFERS FROM MY K4 REVIEW but lol not the same team, huh. STILL. LET’S. I think the biggest difference between this and my old reviews is that I’ll probably end up giving everything a 10.5/10 because I’m biased now. Hm.

I’ve been putting this off for almost a month. I’ve been putting this off since the LOD appeared. FFFFFFF I DON’T KNOW WHY. Maybe because these reviews take me HOURS to do. But atm I’m downloading the Kamikyoku Tachi DVD and that’ll take several hours to finish so… this will distract me from waiting. ;_;


Final annoying note: This is the shonichi LOD because everybody was there that night, unlike the March 15th LOD. Plus, Miichan is my favourite on Team K and she wasn’t there on March 15th. XD

Team K 6th Stage “RESET”