Okay so I was gonna do a B4 review tonight but I was like OH GOD IM TURNING BIASED ALREADY because I downloaded and watched K4 before B4. D: So. Yeah. Doing this one first. I think I’m going to review each stage as I watch them so you can see my mature as an AKB48 fan. :P

So uh my first favourite is in team K. I decided I liked her while looking at the photos on the site. Matsubara Natsumi. I was like HEY SHE’S PRETTY. ALSO SHE LOOKS LIKE RIKA AND MIYABI PUT TOGETHER. HOT.

Watching this, I think I actually do like her for reals. XDD

So okay, I’m done rambling. Let’s go.

Team K 4th Stage “Saishuu Bell ga Naru”


1. Mammoth
Rating: 10/10

I really like this song. It’s so fierce and stuff. It’s like YEAH LOOK AT US WE’RE HARDCORE. And the lights are hardcore too.

The interlude makes me happy. It’s like.
I think I throw that word around too much. BUT IT’S FOR REALS HERE.

Oh God it’s just so awesome.

2. Saishuu Bell ga Naru
Rating: 7/10

This is like, an interesting mix of intense and cutesy. I like it. And lol, now I can actually see their uniforms. They’re all ripped and camo and stuff. lololol fierce. It’s a good song, though not that amazing. D:


DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN. *clearly a n00b*

3. Boyfriend no Tsukurikata
Rating: 10/10

Oh I remember this song. IT’S ADORABLE. I like when they sit on the stage. *_* It’s catchy and cute and I like how friendly it looks. Especially the beginning when they’re like, all just sitting there chilling. Really sweet. :D Also, songs with random talking parts are usually feel good and friendly so :3

Ooh they’re sitting again! :D KOI NO ONE TWO THREE!

4. Erai Hito ni Naritakunai
Rating: 6/10

It’s a good YEAH LOOK WE’RE ROCKING OUT cutesy kind of song but ehhh not that catchy or anything, and nothing really stands out to me in the performance. :( Nice final pose though.

5. Return Match
Rating: 5/10

This kind of performance seems to be one that would catch my eye but I was kind of bored through it. D: It’s not a very catchy song and ehhh. I dunno. Nice costumes though.

6. Hatsukoi Dorobou
Rating: 8/10

So I’ve had all the stage recordings in my iTunes library and I remember this song coming up once or twice and being like AWWWWW.

I’d still be like AWWWWWW because AWWWWWWW EREPYON AND KAORI but Manami does nothing for me. She looks SO MUCH BETTER with bangs, but oh my God she looks like she’s being forced to do this. The other two are like LALALALALAAAAAAAAAAAA :D and she’s like ” :l LOOK LIKE IM HAVING FUN? WHY WOULD I WANT TO DO THAT?” Come on Manami, it’s not that bad. Smiling, I mean. (She looks cute though! T_T What a waste.)

I’d be like “omg this performance is awesome 10/10!” if Oku Manami wasn’t just SUCKING THE ENERGY RIGHT OUT OF THE PERFORMANCE. So w/e. GOOD JOB. NOT. D:< (good job @ other 2, though :Db)

7. Gomen ne Jewel
Rating: 8/10

Catchy song. The outfits look cute until you actually look at them. Then they look like… skanky girl scouts in cowboy hats and boots… XD oh wait, the blue girls have normal hats. Fair enough. Also lol, one of the backup dancers is so tiny and kind of crappy.

Yeah. Yeah, I like this song. *decided*

8. Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou
Rating: 10/10

Oh God this song/performance is so much do want. And the lyrics are also do want.

And Tomomi is do want. Have I mentioned I like Tomomi? I don’t think I did. D: Because I do. She’s so cute ohhh goddddd. <3

This is probably my favourite from K4… I don’t remember the other songs though, so I’ll talk about it when I’m done the review. XD

Also Meetan is really sexy. Hot damn.


(Also Im watching the one from Tomomi’s birthday… SO CUTE BAWWWW)

9. 16nin Shimai no Uta
Rating: 9/10


The genre of this song + the outfits… oh dear. These girls got shafted, didn’t they? XD But the actual song is fabulous. It’s like Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari… but country? D: I like how they show the pictures of the girls. Really good idea. XD THE STAGE IS FULL OF SURPRISES FOR A NEW FAN LIKE ME. XDDDD

Also I’m glad that after her introduction in the MC and her performance in this song, I think I actually do like Natsumi! XD Fantastic. :D

10. Stand Up
Rating: 9/10

This song is interesting. Kind of… exotic? This is really catchy and cool. It’s attractive and mature without being skanky (I love when stuff pulls that off :D) Aaah so cool. <3

11. Coolgirl
Rating: 10/10

Oh shit this is amazing. There’s such a smooth and classy and sexy and WOWWWW atmosphere in this performance.

And then they have microphone stands (OMG <3) and then the stage moves (OMG <3) and girls are dancing around the microphone stands on the higher parts of the stage and Im just like HOOOOOLYYYYYY SHIIIIIIIIT.

This is my kind of song. Seriously. Holy shit. (Fuck, what’s the genre? D: )

12. Kaiyuugyo no Capacity
Rating: 9/10

The beginning made me think of fierce work out music, but then it turned into normal intense AKB music. It’s awesome. :D I love the chorus. Do want!

13. Ai no Ikou (Ai ni Yukou?)
Rating: 8/10

These outfits are super do want.  I wouldn’t want all of them though. I’d want… Tomomi’s. I think. Her hair’s kind of covering it. D: But I’m pretty sure that’s the one I like. XD YES. TOMOMI’S. *ramble*

Oh. Right. The song. Cute song. Yeah.



14. Shamu Neko
Rating: 8/10

Is it bad that I thought of Shamu the whale + a cat when I read the title? Damnit.

And then the song started and I was like OH GOD LOL THIS IS FIERCE. And then I looked up the translation and was like “…ohhhhh”

I enjoy this song and this dance. Yes. Cat moves make me happy.

15. Melos no Michi
Rating: 7/10

Standard fierce song. I liked the beginning though. With the lights. :D

16. Oogoe Diamond
Rating: 10/10


Well damn, I never noticed how fun this dance looks. >_< I want to learn it now. TOO MANY DANCES TO LEARN.

17. Sasae
Rating: 8/10

Cute ending song. :Db It’s cute how they all like hug and high five and stuff. D’awww. <3 Great way to end. :D

Final thoughts:

This was a great stage :O So fierce. Is team K always so fierce? (Serious question because this is the only team K stage I’ve watched T_T) If so, do want.

And about the favourite songs thing, I think it’s like Coolgirl > Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou > Mammoth. Shit. Awesome fucking songs.

And I probably like Tomomi more than Natsumi now, but I’m glad that I actually do like Natsumi aside from how hot she is.

So yeah.

8.5/10 :D