So like, I’ve heard that B3 is a really good stage so I thought it’d be a good first stage. IT WAS REALLY GOOD FHWEIORHOE.

So I thought I’d review it. The only problem is that uhhh… I only know Mayu Watanabe (and sometimes Aika Ota) so it’ll be embarrassing to read this if you’re a big AKB fan. I apologize in advance. XD

K lets go

Team B 3rd Stage “Pajama Drive”


1. Shonichi
Rating: 8/10

Okay so the first song is really adorable. Heartwarming. I like the subtle dance too, it adds to how cute the song is. :3 Also I loooove these uniforms. They’re so pretty T_T It’s a good way to start, IMO. But that’s like, all I can say. XD Though uh, it seems kind of weird to have streamers at the beginning instead of the end. o_O

2. Hissatsu Teleport
Rating: 7/10

Ehhh I dunno. This is like, generic idol pop. I don’t really like generic idol pop very much. But random speaking parts in songs are always cute. And it’s a good generic idol song. I like it but it’s not really a song I’d listen to a lot, I guess. But the overall performance is really cute. A lot more interesting to watch it than to listen.

3. Gokigen Naname na Mermaid
Rating: 6/10


Oh I guess the song is good too but FFFF I LOVE THE OUTFITS. It’s kind of cheap sounding, but in an endearing way? (Kind of like H!P’s cover songs LOL) but yeah I was more focused on the costumes in this performance lololol

4. Futari Nori no Jitensha
Rating: 7/10

I dunno, I really like this song for idol pop. :( Well, Im not really into the chorus, but the rest is goodtiems. I like how they perform. It’s so like LOOK AUDIENCE, WE’RE TOTALLY FRIENDS. I dunno if I can trust them but it’s very cute. I also like how it’s choreographed. It’s really like… simple looking? But it works well and looks really nice. I like how they kick at one point.

And I still love the costumes.

5. Tenshi no Shippo
Rating: 4/10

Max told me to listen to this song is his TURN WENDY INTO AN AKB WOTA plan but uhhhh

No. :( The outfits and stuff are really cute but the song is kind of gag-worthy in my opinion. Gross sugary idol pop that isn’t a very catchy song. I was expecting the chorus to sound a bit different when it started but it didn’t sound like how I’d thought and ended up boring me. Though I’d totally own one of those costumes if I could. (I just wouldn’t do the dance. I’d be like KOI WA ITAZURA NA TENSHI NO SHI- *GAG* am I kidding? I can’t even tell) And that one YEAH THAT ONE RIGHT THERE is Lovetan right? SEE I CAN SOMETIMES FIGURE OUT WHICH ONE SHE IS. Give me time. :(

6. Pajama Drive
Rating: 8/10

So this song started and I can’t read Japanese quickly so I didn’t catch the title, and then I was like HEY IT’S MAYU- WHY IS SHE DRESSED LIKE A MAN WITH A FRILLY HEADBAND? And then I realized they were wearing pajamas and I was like WAT. WHAT KIND OF SONG IS THIS. So I went back to the beginning of the video and read the title slowly (PAAAA JAAAA MAAAA-) and was like WHAT.

Pajama Drive is an awkwardly intense song. I was imagining another gross idol pop song and then this stuff starts. Oh wow. XD Atleast they aren’t dressed like the Tenshi no Shippo unit, HAHAHAHA. That’d be awkward. But baggy unisex pajamas are awkward too. THIS WHOLE PERFORMANCE IS AWKWARD. THIS IS NOT WHAT I WAS IMAGINING OH GOD. (I’M STILL FREAKING OUT, OKAY?)

Okay, aside from my rambling about how awkwardly intense this song is, it’s a really good song. And I find it admirable how intense they can be in unisex pajamas.

7. Junjou Shugi
Rating: 10/10

THIS SONG IS SEXY AND LOVELY AND I LOVE IT. :( Julia showed me it and I replayed it for like hours. XD And I like that one who gets the short solo in the chorus. She appeals to me. STUDIO48 says her name is Yuki Matsuoka. Sure, okay.

Their voices sound weird. Did they use auto tune or something? o_o It’s hot though. And the dancing is hot. And the outfits are hot.

I decided this is my second favourite akb song. It makes me happy inside.

8. Temodemo no Namida
Rating: 9/10

OH I REMEMBER THIS. THIS ONE MADE ME HAPPY. It’s all fierce and catchy and lovely. And I love their costumes. I would buy one of those if I could. Preferably Mikachii’s (I LOOKED UP HER NAME GTFO OF MY BACK). Also I like songs with mic stands. DO WANT. Classy performance was classy.

9. Kagami no naka no Jean Da Arc
Rating: 7/10

Are they pirates or something?

It’s a fierce song though. It’s like LOOK WE’RE HARDCORE. WE’RE GONNA ROCK OUT. but like, pirate style. Arrrrrrrrrr.

It’s one of those songs that I know I like and am impressed by and go YEAH THIS IS A GOOD SONG but I don’t remember it later lol. Good fierce performance though. Props.

10. Two years later
Rating: 8/10

Yay another fierce song! I like watching how so many girls can perform at the same time on such a small stage. It’s really awesome. Also I like how fast some of the lyrics are. But yeah that’s it.

11. Inochi no Tsukaimichi
Rating: 10/10

This is my new favourite AKB song. It’s so… hot and I like the high note before the chorus. It’s just amazing. And I love the DAREKA NI AISARETAI parts. I can’t really explain why I like it so much, I just do o_o so it’s like AUTOMATIC 10! Yeah. Oh god this song is so awesome. And the dance and stuff too. Do want.

12. Kiss Shite Son Shichatta
Rating: 5/10

This is a forgettable song that feels like a filler to me. That’s all I can say, lol.

13. Boku no Sakura
Rating: 6/10

I love ballads but this song is boring.

14. Wasshoi B!
Rating: 10/10


It was the first non-single AKB48 song I liked. XD



15. Suifu wa Arashi ni Yume wo Miru
Rating: 7/10

Lol long title. It’s a fierce song but I probably won’t remember it even though I love fierce songs.

16. Shiroi Shirt
Rating: 7/10

LOL THEY PUT ON WHITE SHIRTS OH HO HO. Yeah this isn’t a very good song either lol. Heartwarming, though. Good way to end a concert. Real sweet and all that. But yeah not that good of a song on it’s own? I wasn’t very into this performance. D:

Final thoughts:
So yeah. That was my first full AKB stage. I really liked it. Maybe I just picked the good one to watch. I hope not, lol. Hopefully the next time I watch the whole thing, I’ll know more (if not all) of their faces. :o