Perfume's Triangle <3


OKAY SO. Triangle has leaked.

I said I’d wait until my copy but I caved. Lolol.

So I want to review it. :3 Because I love it and want to share my opinions with you all. (OH JOYYYY.) Until I figure out a nice way to review stuff, I’ll stick with tbt because it’s easier. :(

And if you don’t know, Triangle is Perfume’s 3rd album (though 2nd actual not-a-best-of album.) and is SUPPOSED to be out on the 8th which means I’d have to wait over a week for my copy fml.





I hope sel sees this

and by this i mean my HFIOWEHROWHREORIW OMG




I’m so excited

for Triangle T___T




I reset my iTunes play counts a few times (trying to fix something fucky about my iPod but it didn’t work so DAMNIT WHAT A WASTE) over the past while, as well as reset my on May 10th (I didn’t like that my top songs were Resonant Blue and Edo because I rarely listen to them anymore :P)

And as I’ve stated, Perfume is definitely moving up in my music ranks. (*coughnumberonecough*)
It’s a bit depressing to see that change reflected in my music stats.

iTunes as of today:

itunes play counts on june 13 2009

(I’d recommend viewing it at full size XD) as of today:

lastfm top artists on june 13 2009

(my username is wendehbird if you wanna look me up.)

I think part of it is that I listen to Perfume when I do my homework because it oddly keeps me focused. And now I’m out of school. So maybe MM will earn more plays over the summer. :o But then again… when my copy of Triangle comes… XD

So to finish this screenshot post off,

have an unrelated (yet related) screenshot:




Apparently ⊿ is pronounced Triangle (トライアングル).


(A-chan <3)

When people were discussing possible title pronunciations, I was thinking “Triangle? No, that’s too predictable.”

So my reaction to it being correct was like “LOLWUT REALLY?”

There’s probably gonna be a lot of issues with tagging. ⊿, トライアングル or Triangle? Can you even type ⊿ on like iTunes and stuff?
…Oh. Apparently you can. And I just accidentally changed an album to ⊿. FFFF. I LOST IT. WHERE DID IT GO. CRAP.
At least the track titles are mainly in English, which reduces those kind of tagging issues? o_O


Yeah totally excited. Triangle is a pretty badass title, even if it was a bit obvious.

Hopefully the tracks are good too. :P

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